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Veneers from your North Dallas dentist change lives

North Dallas family dentist, Dr. John Grinaldi, places stunning porcelain veneers. Learn how this cosmetic dental service changes smiles and lives.

A refreshed smile can be just what many people need to feel good about themselves. From covering their mouths in public to just looking in the mirror in despair, individuals with marred smiles live differently from the rest of us. However, porcelain veneers from North Dallas family dentist, Dr. John Grinaldi, can change all that.

Cosmetic dentistry in North Dallas provides the answer

Named “Super Dentist” by Texas Monthly Magazine every year since 2004, John Grinaldi DDS is passionate about preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He loves to nurture patients through regular check-ups and cleanings and through restorative care that brings teeth and gums back to full health.

Dr. Grinald’s cosmetic dental treatments restore something else–self-confidence. A beautiful smile allows an individual to project who they really are without the embarrassment of stained, gapped or otherwise defective teeth.

One of Dr. Grinaldi’s most popular and versatile aesthetic services is porcelain veneers. Artistically customized ceramic shells, veneers create smiles that look beautiful and are durable and long-lasting, too.

Veneers are very thin, but perfectly cover teeth that are:

  • Heavily stained
  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Uneven in length
  • Odd in shape
  • Gapped and mildly crowded

Because veneers confer such a great cosmetic look quickly, they are often called “instant orthodontics.” Veneers strengthen teeth, too, especially along edges damaged by injury, wear or acid erosion.

The porcelain veneer process

The best candidates for porcelain veneers are older teens and adults of all ages who have healthy smiles free from cavities and gum disease. Non-smokers make the best candidates and also with people good basic bites teeth or who do not grind or clench their teeth excessively (bruxism).

Dr. Grinaldi prepares the enamel by removing a super thin slice from the front side of each tooth. Typically, this is a very comfortable procedure and needs no anesthetic.  He takes oral impressions to accompany his treatment plan and photos to the dental lab where a master ceramist makes the veneers right on a 3-D model of the patient’s mouth.

At the next dental appointment, the North Dallas dentist removes any temporary veneers he placed and cements on the permanent ones. He adjusts the fit, bite and color. Veneers produce little or no tooth or gum sensitivity and require routine care just as unrefurbished teeth do.

Part of a total package

Often, porcelain veneers blend with other aesthetic treatments such as professional teeth whitening, gum recontouring and composite resin bonding for a total smile makeover. Dr. Grinaldi and his team are very careful to consider the patient’s true health needs, aesthetic goals and budget when offering any cosmetic changes.

Arrange a consultation

Looking to change your look and your life? Then contact John Grinaldi DDS in North Dallas to find out how porcelain veneers contribute to a vibrant smile and healthy outlook.

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