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Sedation Dentistry in North Dallas Calms Dental Fears

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Sedation dentistry in North Dallas eliminates pain and anxietyWhen you go to the dentist, does your heart pound? Do you lose sleep anticipating a dental appointment? Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic say that approximately 15 percent of adult Americans avoid dental visits because they are just too afraid. Your dentist in North Dallas, Dr. John Grinaldi, ensures you can get the oral health care you need without crippling dental anxiety. He and his professional team are fully trained to provide sedation dentistry in North Dallas. They really can make your dental visits easy and comfortable.


Dental Anxiety Can be a Showstopper

When people fear their dental visits, their oral and systemic health suffers. Dentists report seeing patients with extensive periodontal disease, broken and decayed teeth and other serious oral health conditions because these individuals postpone dental exams and treatments. Also, people simply quit going to the dentist because they cannot tolerate the anxiety they experience.

Unfortunately, your mouth interacts with the rest of your body. If your teeth and gums are unhealthy, you can develop systemic problems such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia and heart disease.

Typically, individuals experience dental fear because of:

  • The sounds and sights of the treatment rooms (for example, the sound of the drill)
  • Bad experiences with poorly executed procedures or dentists who were too rough or unsympathetic
  • Claustrophobia and invasion of personal space
  • The inability to sit still for long periods of time because of physical limitations
  • Embarrassment over the condition of their teeth and gums

Sedation Dentistry in North Dallas

Dr. Grinaldi and his team understand anxious patients and work to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere for each individual. As such, the doctor delivers complete sedation dental treatments to help everyone feel at ease when they have routine check-ups and cleanings or even the most complex of restorations.

While many people do well with simple pain shots, other individuals require a higher level of intervention so they stay calm and be pain-free. The doctor carefully screens his nervous patients, reviewing medical histories and current medications before recommending any sedation options. So you know that if you need sedation, it will be safe and effective.

For example, Dr. Grinaldi offers nitrous oxide, a traditional sedation option. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide confers a relaxed, almost giddy feeling. Your dentist delivers it via facial mask, and its effects wear off almost immediately when the gas is turned off. Laughing gas leaves no residual drowsiness or delayed reaction time, and the patient can drive home unassisted afterward.

Another option is oral conscious sedation. Tranquilizers such as Halcion, Ativan, Versed or Valium are prescribed and taken in pill form before the dental appointment. These medications allow patients to be completely comfortable and even nap during dental treatments. The doctor may use oral conscious sedation together with pain shots. A responsible adult must drive the patient home after the appointment.

Finally, Dr. Grinaldi offers IV, or intravenous, sedation. Delivered through a needle in the arm, this medication creates a very relaxed state. The doctor and his team fully monitor vital signs while administering this medicine, and the patient requires an escort home from the office.

Could Sedation Help Your Anxiety?

Dr. Grinaldi will explain your sedation options fully so that you can be comfortable and achieve your best smile and oral health. If you would like to know more, contact John Grinaldi DDS for a sedation dentistry consultation. Dr. Grinaldi has been awarded the Super Dentist award nine years in a row by Texas Monthly Magazine; so you know your dental care in the best of hands.


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