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New Year, New Smile from Your Dentist in North Dallas

From discreet changes to a complete makeover, cosmetic dental services from dentist in North Dallas, Dr. John Grinaldi, remake your smile for 2017.

Dr. John Grinaldi, cosmetic dentist in North Dallas, is a “Super Dentist” as named by Texas Monthly Magazine. Why? He is known for his friendly, kindly care and for precise restorative, cosmetic and preventive dental treatments. He can give you a beautiful new smile for the New Year.

Resolve to Improve Your Smile Aesthetics

Dr. John Grinaldi will help you arrive at that all-important smile goal. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says American adults believe a great smile is a valuable asset. In keeping with that philosophy, Dr. Grinaldi and his team offer several cosmetic dental services which can create a new look worth smiling about in 2017. From professional teeth whitening in North Dallas to dental crowns and porcelain veneers, Dr. Grinaldi builds natural-looking, bright and straight smiles.

When a patient visits Dr. Grinaldi, he  or she will receive a comprehensive oral examination, professional cleaning and digital X-rays. The doctor devises an individualized treatment plan which addresses restorative concerns such as decay, gum disease or misalignment and also any aesthetic problems.

The Facets of a Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dental treatments are tailor-made to patient need, desire and budget. Cosmetic refurbishments may be combined for a totally new look, or may be executed one at a time as personal schedule and budget allow.

Dr. Grinaldi’s treatments include:

Cosmetic resin bonding This simple and quick treatment involves application of an innovative, tooth-colored putty. Artistically sculpted, the porcelain and acrylic material reshapes cracks, chips, and spaces and can smooth over minor crowding and other problems with smile configuration. Durable and tooth-colored, bonding takes just one visit with Dr. John Grinaldi.

Porcelain veneers are thin, translucent shells of dental grade ceramic, custom-fabricated to disguise the front surfaces of one or more teeth marred by defects such as deep stains and gaps. Veneers are a permanent refurbishment which add a measure of durability as well.

Teeth whitening at-home or in the office brightens dull, yellowed enamel by several shades of color. Utilizing powerful peroxide gel, Kor or Boost whitening safely eliminates stains from smoking, food, beverages, prescription medicines and neglected oral hygiene. In-office treatments take about an hour. At-home whitening takes two weeks of daily applications.

Dr. Grinaldi often combines these cosmetic dental services for a totally new look. For extensive cosmetic and restorative issues, he delivers:

  • Tooth-colored fillings for metal-free restoration of dental cavities
  • Porcelain crowns, restoring failing teeth
  • Dental implants, the premier choice for lifelike tooth replacement
  • Realistic and well-functioning dentures for youthful chewing, eating and facial appearance

Looking for a New Smile in the New Year?

Whatever your cosmetic concerns may be, Dr. Grinaldi can address them for the new year. Experience a new smile and a new you in 2017. Resolve to contact Dr. Grinaldi’s team for a smile analysis.

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