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How Much Do Dental Implants in North Dallas Cost?

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A diagram of dental implants.Dental implants may be a complex procedure that takes a long time to complete, but they are well worth the time, money and effort. Having a replacement tooth that truly feels natural is an incredible feeling, especially when you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a meal without a denture shifting or becoming loose. However, the cost of dental implants in North Dallas is not an easy thing to determine.

So, how do dentists factor in cost? Keep reading to learn the best way to find out for yourself!

Dental Implants Are Truly Unique

When a dentist is placing implants, they are fully-customized for your mouth exactly. No two implants or restorations placed on top are identical, which is a large part of why it can be an expensive procedure. Even other tooth replacement options like traditional bridges and dentures don’t receive the same level of customization because they aren’t designed to bond with your existing gum and bone tissue.

Furthermore, the treatment to receive dental implants is just as much customized to the patient as the implant itself. Not all patients will be ready to receive implants after the initial consultation. For example, if gum disease or tooth decay is present, restorative treatments will be needed before you can be considered eligible. Other patients may require bone grafts in order to increase the volume of their jaw bone, therefore offering enough room for a stable implantation.

Determining Cost With a Dentist

If you’ve ever researched dental implants online, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price. According to an analysis conducted by the New York Times, the cost of a single implant, including the restoration that makes up your smile and the abutment that connects the two parts together, can range from $3,000 and $4,500.

With that being said, this price can still fluctuate based on what a dentist tells you after having an examination. If you’ve tried calling a dentist and asking them how much they charge for dental implants, they’ll also ask you to come in for a consultation first.

Main Factors That Influence Cost

The reason these consultations are so important is because they don’t want to give you a price they aren’t confident in standing behind. Before any treatment can begin, they need to confirm essential aspects of your procedure, including:

  • The number of implants you need placed (which also increases the number of abutments)
  • The restoration you need placed (i.e. implant-retained crowns, bridges, or dentures all vary in cost)
  • Preparatory treatments to make implants viable (i.e. extractions, sinus lifts, soft tissue treatments, etc.)

In conclusion, you won’t truly know the cost of your implant treatment until you see a dentist in North Dallas. Schedule an appointment today!

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Dr. John Grinaldi earned his DDS degree from Ohio State University. Since then, he’s trained extensively in Strauman ITI implant restorations and certified in the Nobel BioCare System for restoring dental implants. To learn more about his practice, you can contact him through his website.

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