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What are the Signs of Gum Disease in North Dallas?

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Prevent gum disease in North Dallas with regular visits to your dentist. As you brush and floss your teeth before bed, you notice blood when you spit into the sink. This happened last week, however none of your teeth are hurting. As you peer at your smile, you notice your gums do look red. Should this be cause for alarm? Do you need to see your dentist? After all, you’re not in pain. The answer is – yes! Contact your dentist right away as you are noticing some of the early signs of gum disease in North Dallas.

Periodontal Disease 101

Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease is essentially an infection of the support system for your teeth, which is your gums and jawbone. It occurs when excessive plaque buildup irritates your gums and causes them to separate from your teeth. This allows harmful bacteria below the gum line, which causes the infection.

If this condition is left untreated, it will eventually destroy your soft tissue and jawbone and lead to tooth loss.

The Telltale Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease can be tricky to diagnose on your own because it typically doesn’t cause much pain or many symptoms in the beginning. Some of the early signs to be aware of are:

  • Gums that appear red, swollen, or feel tender
  • Chronic bad breath that doesn’t go away with brushing
  • Gums that bleed during brushing or flossing

These symptoms indicate the early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. This is the best time to contact your dentist because gingivitis can often be successfully managed with a thorough professional cleaning and improvements to your home care routine. Many cases of gingivitis may even be reversed.

The Advanced Stage of Gum Disease

When you notice recession, root exposure, or your teeth begin to feel mobile, it’s likely you’re experiencing the advanced stage of gum disease known as periodontitis. This is when the damage starts to occur, and it requires a cleaning called scaling and root planing that reaches below the gum line to remove hard plaque and tartar buildup. We may also recommend antibiotic therapy and surgery for some cases of periodontitis.

Dr. John Ginaldi Helps Eliminate and Prevent Gum Disease

Regular preventive appointments are your best defense against gum disease because Dr. Grinaldi will screen you for it at every checkup. Your regular cleanings will help remove the excess plaque buildup that contributes to gum disease. Combine consistent preventive care and an excellent home care routine, and you’ll be able to prevent gum disease from ever occurring in the first place.

Contact your dentist in North Dallas today to schedule your next appointment.

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