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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in North Dallas?

Missing teeth affect oral and overall health. Read about dental implants from North Dallas dentist, Dr. John Grinaldi. You could be a candidate.

Your smile gaps affect your appearance, confidence and oral health. Change your outlook by investigating dental implants in North Dallas. Placed by Texas Monthly Magazine Top Dentist,

Dr. John Grinaldi, dental implants provide superior aesthetics, stability and longevity. Could you be a candidate to receive them?

It’s an Artificial Tooth

Comprised of a titanium screw or cylinder, metal alloy post and all-ceramic crown, a dental implant replaces a missing tooth in its entirety–root, crown and everything in between but the soft interior pulp. Residing in the patient’s bone, the implant device seals to the jaw through osseointegration. This amazing process creates a stable, long-lasting foundation for the implant.

In fact, each time the patient bites and chews on the implant, he or she exercises and strengthens the underlying bone. Traditional dentures or bridgework cannot do that because they rest solely on the gums.

Placed in multiples, dental implants also support full and partial dentures and fixed bridgework. They provide patients superior chewing and appearance and none of the slippage, speech slurring or bone and gum resorption problematic with traditional restorations.

The Evaluation Process

To determine if a patient is healthy enough to receive a dental implant, Dr. Grinaldi performs a comprehensive oral exam. He also takes digital X-rays and uses other sophisticated imaging to see if gums and bone are healthy and sizable enough to receive implants. If bone is thin, there augmentation procedures for the alveolar ridge (the part of the jaw in which teeth roots reside) to rebuild it to adequate size and strength.

Also, a patient must be in good overall health. People with poorly controlled diabetes, active heart disease or are immunosuppressed may need to postpone dental implant procedures. Patients with dental decay or gum disease must have these conditions resolved.

In addition, good candidates brush twice daily and floss every day to keep teeth and gums healthy. They see Dr. Grinaldi semi-annually for check-ups and hygienic cleanings. People who smoke can receive dental implants, but frankly, overall oral health and implant success improve with smoking cessation. Cigarettes contain toxins that infect gums and bone surrounding implants, causing a serious condition called peri-implantitis. It frequently causes implant failure and removal.

Why Implants Succeed

Approximately 98 percent of dental implants succeed and stay in place for decades according to the American Academy of Periodontology. This amazing statistic originates in osseointegration–the natural process in which the titanium implant device bonds to the jaw bone. If patients allow their implants to heal without chewing or biting on them, implants anchor in place really well and readily accept the extension posts and crowns which finish the appliances.

Ready for a Second Chance?

Dental implants from your dentist in North Dallas give people with smile gaps a second chance at a beautiful, durable smile. Contact Dr. John Grinaldi to arrange a consult on dental implants.  He will give you an accurate picture of how these amazing devices can work you.

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