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A Dentist in North Dallas Tells You What You Need to Know about Veneers

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woman smiling pointing at teethVeneers are a popular option among people who are interested in smile restoration. But what exactly are dental veneers? What benefits do they offer? And what does the process of placing veneers involve? Knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time can make your next trip to your dentist in North Dallas more beneficial.

Why Our Teeth Lose Their Luster Over Time

Your teeth are made up of three layers of material. The outermost layer is a white substance called enamel, which gives teeth their pearly gleam. Over time, though, this natural luster can fade. This is usually due to one or more of the following causes:

  1. Aging. As we age, our enamel becomes thinner, exposing more of the yellowish material inside the tooth.
  2. Dietary choices. Certain foods, such as strongly colored beverages, can stain teeth over time.
  3. Lifestyle factors. A prime example is tobacco use, which erodes enamel and contributes to plaque buildup. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause enamel erosion.
  4. Medication side effects. Certain types of antibiotics, such as tetracycline, can cause tooth discoloration. So can medications used to treat clinical depression.
  5. Wear and tear. Our teeth are incredibly strong, but they’re not indestructible. Cosmetic blemishes like chips, scratches, and gouges become increasingly common as we age.

Veneers are used to correct these and other cosmetic issues. The results are often dramatic, with benefits not only to the patient’s appearance but also to his or her self-confidence and poise.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are parchment-thin layers of porcelain designed to duplicate the appearance of healthy tooth enamel. A cosmetic dentist bonds them to the enamel of the natural teeth, transforming their appearance. Veneers are used to correct a number of cosmetic issues, including teeth that are discolored, uneven, or widely spaced.

The process of placing veneers usually occurs over two appointments. During the first visit, the dentist applies a gentle etching solution to your teeth to create a suitable bond for the restoration. He or she will also perform a series of measurements from which the dental lab will craft your permanent veneers.

During the follow-up appointment, your dentist will fit the veneers to your teeth, checking them multiple times for proper fit and comfort. If the results meet your expectations, then the final step is to bond the veneers to your teeth using a special medical-grade adhesive. You’ll leave this appointment ready to show off your new smile.

How Do I Care for My New Veneers?

Veneers require only minimal care. You should use a soft bristle toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste; your dentist will probably recommend a brand. You should also limit consumption of strongly colored beverages, especially coffee, tea, and red wine. Avoiding tobacco products is important, not only for your veneers but for your overall health.

Dental veneers are a popular and effective way to restore a smile that has seen its share of bumps and bruises over the years. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in North Dallas about them during your next visit. You may be only days away from dazzling the world with your pearly whites.

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John A. Grinaldi has been providing state-of-the-art dental care to patients in the North Dallas area for more than 20 years. Originally from Canton, OH, Dr. Grinaldi earned his DDS degree from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry. You can reach his office online or by calling (972) 437-4746.



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